Tyngre Classic

Saturday, October 20 – start 9.00 am.

The 7th edition of our original fitness- and bodybuilding contest. Now put in a larger context, in a greater venue, with a larger audience and an enhanced profile of prestige.

Still set in a relaxed and sympathetic vibe, and run in a tight and effective manner.

Tyngre Classic – estimated schedule

09.00: Women’s Physique + Bodyfitness Masters
10.00: Classic Bodybuilding + Bodybuilding + Mixed pairs
13.30: Bodyfitness, juniors and seniors
15.30: Men’s Physique, juniorer and seniors
18.00: Wellness Fitness
19.00: Bikini Fitness, juniors, Masters and seniors

Note! These are not specific starting times, mere a set of loose estimations. Therefor: don’t regard these time estimations as fixed schedule (since it’s not).

The lineup consists of both established world class athletes and young aspiring stars. As of right now, we have 261 athletes competing.
Requires a specific entrance ticket.